Guitar: Types

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So, now we know what are guitars (again lame, but we do need to sum up ) , and basically, a brief understanding of their working! So, the next thing is……How many types of guitar’s are there!?

Haha, you may say, “Oh dude, c’mon, acoustic and electric, that’s it….right?”

haha, actually yeah No! there are 10 types of known popular guitars, which are namely….

  • Acoustic guitars
  • Electric guitars (wait I know u know them! let me add more!)
  • Electro-acoustic guitars
  • Twelve string guitars
  • Arch-top guitars
  • Steel guitars
  • Resonator guitars
  • bass type guitars
  • double neck guitar
  • Classical Guitar

Actually, even i didn’t knew there are so many, hence referral is needed, (reference: wikibooks)

Now, although there are so many types, but most commonly available are namely few in many places, except for the fact that nation is highly music obsessed, so, we will be talking about acoustic, electric, electro-acoustic, classic

here we go!

Accoustic Guitar:

download (1)


Certainly, the most common types of guitars, easy on wallet, great to ears…..These guitars are made out of thin wood and they have a hollow in between. These guitars can produce quite a bit of volume without any amplifiers. They are used in nearly all types of music.

Electric Guitar:

Hey, now that’s what looks more cool and more familiar, isn’t it?


clearly, electric guitar’s have found an in-dispensable part in today’s gen of music, looking cool, sounding great, a decent one would cost a bit on the higher side…There guitars are made out of a solid piece of wood and rely on electronic pick up systems and amplifiers for the volume….minimal effort is required while plucking however, precision matter’s now!

Electro – Acoustic Guitars :

These guitars have in built pickups so that they can be plugged into PA systems or amplifiers. Most of the guitars that you see on stage are acoustic-electric guitars.

download (2)


Now, this sounds interesting! Yeah! they are uber cool and give out perfect notes! my personal favorite!

Classical Guitars:

These types of guitar’s have been in use since quite long, producing melodious sonics, these types of guitars are mainly used in classical and folk idioms. The strings of these guitars are made out of steel that produces a warm, gentle sound.

download (3)


Yeap, they look pretty similar to the traditional acoustic guitars, but there goes the difference……..STRINGS!


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